Private Specialist Assessments

Private Specialist Assessments

Lots of people with a sensory need do not know where to go for advice, information and support. Our private Specialist Assessment packages are ideal for people who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, have a visual impairment or a dual sensory loss. And you might be reluctant to contact Social Services for whatever reason. However the day to say struggle to manage your life due to your sensory need is real.

Sight loss can reduce your independence in the kitchen. You become less confident in going out. You are unable to read your post and manage your finances. Hearing loss impacts on your ability to hear your friends and family. The television is on full blast. Therefore family members are complaining about the noise. Keeping in touch with people on the phone is proving tricky. You have sight and hearing loss and the world is very scary indeed. It impacts on your health and mental wellbeing.

Contacting us is a vital first step in regaining independence.

What a specialist assessment can do for me?

It is an opportunity to decide the areas in your life where you require more support due to your sensory loss. You consider why a specialist personal assistant could keep you as independent as possible. The assessor gives you time to discuss what equipment you could benefit from. The assessor gives you information, advice and guidance on a range of sensory issues such as Access to Work. We work together to find out where equipment can be bought from. And we give you time to learn how to used it.  We signpost you to additional sources of support, if we cannot meet your needs.

Choose us

Indigo Access Assessors have worked with people with sensory needs for over 21 years. We enjoy learning about you and you can rely on our professional manner to ensure the assessment process is in a non intrusive way. Our Operational Contracts Manager will respond to your request quickly and efficiently. From your first contact, she is on hand to guide you through the process. A named worker will be allocated to you. You will be offered a visit that is convenient to yourself. The Assessor will undertake at least two home visits. This will ensure we have the correct information. As a result there will be a wide range of practical solutions offered, to meet your identified needs. Moreover we have integrity and will provide information, advice and guidance on other providers if we cannot meet your needs. We guarantee confidentiality.