Sensory Awareness training

Sensory Awareness training

Indigo Access are confident sensory awareness trainers. We deliver bespoke training courses to public and private organisations across the age range. Schools, Youth groups such as the Scouting and Girl Guiding movement have enjoyed our training. Not for Profit Organisations have also benefited from our Sensory Awareness training sessions. We have delivered this within the UK and as far away as Melbourne, Australia.

Short courses

Our Sensory Awareness training courses are produced to give participants an understanding of sensory impairment. We provide ways to improve communication, access to information and mobility for people with a sensory loss. In addition your learners will have practical skills at the end of our courses.

Our short deaf awareness course encourages learners to consider the different viewpoints of deafness. The experience of someone born profoundly deaf and who uses sign language is vastly different to someone who is born with hearing and then loses their hearing. As such our deaf awareness courses have a range of tasks. This motivates learners to reflect upon their own beliefs about deafness. It also include practical activities such as Lip-reading.

Our short introduction to visual impairment course enables learners to identify those with an undiagnosed sight loss. Especially useful for those working in the home care / domiciliary care / care home industry. With practical tasks and group work, your learners pick up skills manage the environment for people with sight loss.

Longer courses

We are developing a Guiding techniques course, which we hope to make available in the next few months. This is designed for family members of people who have developed a sight loss.  With the aim that we can help family members learn how to guide safely. We will use industry standard techniques. The outcome of this course is a reduction in tension between the sight impaired person and their carer.

Our longer Sensory awareness course raises awareness of the diverse nature of sight, hearing loss and combined sight and hearing loss. Dual sensory loss is a unique disability and no two people are the same. However someone with dual sensory loss will have difficulty on a day-to-day basis with accessing information, communication and mobility due to the combined impact of their sight and hearing loss. Significantly some people may have total sight and hearing loss, whereas some may have a little residual hearing and sight. Of course there will be people with varying degrees of sight and hearing loss in between. Our training is designed to provide a physical opportunity to emotionally challenge learners about what it might feel to have an acquired dual sensory loss.

Other courses

We are happy to discuss your training needs and design a course especially for you. We have a wealth of experience regarding deafness, sight loss and dual sensory loss.