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We provide specialist services to people with sensory needs in Berkshire. Taking pride in building long lasting professional relationships with our customers. Our workers are committed to ensuring you receive the right support to manage your day to day life. Contact us on 07769 111138 or hello@indigoaccess.co.uk

 It’s very precious to me the time and the company, I wouldn’t get out otherwise” WR 2018

I don’t see faces and people will walk passed me, and Anthony will point out to me people that I know or said hello to me last week and then I can go over to talk to people.” DJ 2018

“I look forward to my support coming and use them to help me with telephone calls and understanding letters.  Honestly, I do not know what I would do without them” SH 2016

Our Services

Anyone can contact our service about sensory needs. We are specialists on hearing and sight loss. Our team are able to answer your questions and queries about our range of services. You or a family member might be struggling with isolation due to your sight loss. Alternatively you might be experiencing barriers to communication due to your deafness. The combination of not hearing or seeing too well is upsetting. We offer a home assessment service to fully identify your needs and offer solutions.

In addition we provide specialist support workers. Our Communicator Guides, Communication Support Workers and Sighted Guides help you to manage your daily activities safely. You choose what you want to do when you do it. Then we provide your access to communication, information and mobility.

Or you want to have a course of rehabilitation? Learn how to lipread and manage your hearing loss with our 10 week course. On the other hand you want to learn what equipment is available to you as a deaf person and how to use it. Our Rehabilitation Officer can teach you that. Ultimately we are here to help you regain your independence and confidence.

Additionally Indigo Access are set up to support other businesses. Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Shops, Restaurants, Care Homes can all purchase our training packages. Improve your understanding of Sensory Needs by purchasing our qualified trainer for a course. Moreover our Specialist Assessors can also be commissioned. We provide local authorities with quality assessments for Deaf, Deafblind or Visually Impaired Adults.

Our vision

To be the preferred provider in enabling access to information, promoting equality of opportunity and enhancing participation in society.

Our mission

Ensuring people with a single sensory need or dual sensory impairment are respected and fully included in the UK community.

Our values

We are passionate about providing services that affect change in our society and enhances quality of life. Working together with individuals we empower communities to have choice and control. Our services are collaborative and work respectfully and compatibly across diverse cultures. We innovate and welcome change so that we constantly improve our services. Most of all we have integrity and will be honest and transparent in our work with you.


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We can return calls between Monday and Thursday 9am – 12pm

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between a British Sign Language Interpreter and a Specialist 1:1 Personal Assistant?

A: In essence they are separate and distinct jobs, with different roles and remits. Of course our PA’s are not an alternative to registered and regulated Interpreters. Similarly our Interpreters do not provide one to one ongoing family and social care support. In other words think of the roles as plumbers and decorators, both useful in household maintenance but with different skill sets entirely!

Q: Are sign languages the same around the world?

A: No, sign languages are not the same around the world. Although some sign languages such as British Sign Language and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) share similarities. Because sign languages like all languages develop naturally with their own grammar and syntax. Therefore if you have a Polish Sign Language user, we are afraid we won’t be able to assist with Interpreting.

Q: Do you provide equipment for use in the home for people with sensory needs?

A: We do not stock specialist equipment which can assist people in their home. Alerting devices to the door, smoke alarms, baby alarms, TV listening devices such as personal loop systems are all bought from external stockists. However we are able to give you advice on who to contact locally so contact us and we will reply as soon as we can.

More information

Why choose our service?

Our sensory needs service is customer focussed and person centred. With this in mind we make every effort to provide one to one support which compliments the customers personality. Customers have named workers to make it easy to manage when, what and where support will take place.

We are enthusiastic and care about the work we provide. In the event that we can’t assist we will be honest and upfront and signpost you to alternative organisations. At the same time we strive to offer professional services at a competitive price. Lastly, if things go wrong we aim to put them right as quickly as possible.