Sighted Guides (Specialist Support Worker)

Man being guided by sighted guideSighted Guides work with people who have a visual impairment

Sighted Guides work with a person who is sight impaired or severely sight impaired. They might feel unsure in getting around unfamiliar surroundings. Or they might feel worried about the lack of tolerance and having someone to support them provides an additional level of security and safety.

Sighted Guides can provide physical or verbal instructions regarding hazards in and around the community and activity. For instance, our Sighted Guides will alert our customers to kerbs, pavement furniture and low branches. When out and about, our Sighted Guide will ensure that the visually impaired person is never left in “free space”. This means you can be confident that your safety and security are not compromised.

Our Sighted Guides promote a person’s independence. We do not do things for the person. We ensure that they participate as fully as possible in their chosen activity, be it shopping, the gym, reading and managing their correspondence or doing a crossword puzzle.

How do I purchase Sighted Guides?

Our Sighted Guide service is offered to people in receipt of direct payments, individual budgets or commissioned services following an assessment from your council.

Alternatively you can choose to purchase this service yourself.

Indigo Access guarantee
  • You will be allocated a named Sighted Guide, who will meet with you to agree your support.
  • They will be DBS checked.
  • They will have undergone our in-house induction training programme.
  • They may hold, or be willing to achieve, Signature’s Communicating and Guiding with Deafblind people. This is because a lot of the skills attained in this qualification are transferable.
  • We are committed to following industry standard Sighted Guiding techniques, as set out by the RNIB and Guide Dogs.