Meet Our Team

Management team
Expertise, experience and a jolly nice bunch!

Josie Fray
I became interested in deaf issues whilst at junior school. My family adopted a child with Down’s Syndrome who was also deaf. I passed BSL Level 1 when I was 14 years old. And my career has developed working within the deaf and deafblind community. Because of this, I am a passionate advocate for people with sensory needs. I firmly believe that everyone has a right to live their lives independently. As such, I continuously look to improve the services of Indigo Access.

Eleanor Wylder
Operational Contracts Manager
Since I started with the company in 2014 my job has changed a lot! My first task was to develop positive networks with many of the purchasing authorities that we serve. And as a friendly voice at the end of the phone I am the first point of contact for our customers. Moreover I skillfully manage the day to day contracts with our partners. I continue to keep a close eye on our lone workers and their welfare. I too have personal experience of living with family members who have hearing loss, and undertook BSL stage 1 when I was 12 years old.

Specialist Support Workers
Communicator Guides

Anthony White
Specialist Support Worker
I have been with Indigo Access since 2016 and I am a great example of how the in-house training course works as in all honesty I would not have thought of this career before. Since starting with the company I have completed a manual handling course and passed the Signature level 2 Communicating and Guiding course. I really enjoy guiding people so they can access their community.



Anna Lawrence
Specialist Support Worker
I didn’t realise how demanding this work would be. But having passed the Signature 2 Communicating and Guiding course, I am much more aware of how important this job is! As a result I feel much more confident in my role and enjoy working with a range of customers.


Sarah White
Specialist Support Worker
I am a qualified Communicator Guide and work in the Maidenhead area. I enjoy working with older people and enabling them to remain as independent as possible.


Joelle Pugh
Specialist Support Worker
I work in the Maidenhead area with a range of customers who have sight and sight and hearing loss. During my time with the company I successfully passed the Communicating and Guiding with Deafblind People level 2 course.


Vicky McVeigh
Specialist Support Worker
I am working in the Wokingham and Bracknell area. I am a qualified Communicator Guide. As part of my training I have learnt that there is lot to this job, particularly working with a range of customers and their specific communication needs.


Anniesa Mahmood
Specialist Support Worker
I am working in the Maidenhead area with a range of customers who have sight and sight and hearing loss. I began working at Indigo in September 2018 and have recently qualified as a Communicator Guide. Indigo Access have paid for me to complete a 10 week introduction to British Sign Language and I am now being supported to take BSL Level 1. My long term career ambition is to become a Sign Language Interpreter and I’m well on my way!

Communication Support Workers

Rose Howard
Specialist Support Worker
I used to work with Indigo Access as an associate.  However I became a contracted worker in June 2016. I have the NVQ Level 6 in British Sign Language. Indigo Access have invested in me, and subsequently I have passed the Signature Level 2 Communicating and Guiding course. Therefore I am a CSW but also a qualified Communicator Guide.

Assessment Team

We are currently unable to provide specialist assessments.

Other Expertise

We will source equally skilled associates to continue to complement the range of services we provide.