Communicator Guides (Specialist Support Worker)

Communicator Guides – what is this new service?

Communicator Guides act as a persons eyes and ears. A comparatively new service for people with a dual sensory impairment. We are at the forefront of promoting a deafblind person’s independence.

Lots of people have a dual sensory loss, but do not realise it. In fact most people over the age of 70 will have some form of difficulty hearing and seeing. You might find you are unable to read your own post. Hearing the television or following the radio has become difficult. Walking outside of your home might cause you significant stress. Because you are worried about bumping into other people, falling down kerbs or not hearing oncoming cars. You are feeling embarrassed because you cannot recognise people in the street. Hobbies and leisure activities are less enjoyable. The feeling of isolation is growing because you can no longer keep up with conversations. Moreover you are feeling that you are relying more on your family and friends than you want to.


Communicator Guides are trained professionals who are able to provide you with access to communication, mobility and information.

We maximise your independence by providing you with information about your environment. Equally importantly we do not do things for you. We provide a service which encourages you to retain skills, confidence and self determination.

Indigo Access have an experienced team who you can confidently rely on. We use our skills to reduce hazards and risks when out in the community. You can participate in activities in a safe manner because our Communicator Guides will verbally or physically guide you around the environment.

Our team have additional language skills. Our Communicator Guides use spoken English. However we are able to use British Sign Language and Deafblind Manual. We can adapt our communication to meet the needs of the individual. Hands on Sign Language, Visual frame Signing, written large print? Not a problem to our flexible workers! You can be reassured that you are always part of the conversation.

Our services are provided on a two hour minimum basis. This gives you time to undertake your chosen activity in a relaxed and unhurried manner.

What qualifications do Communicator Guides hold?

All of our Communicator Guides hold the Signature qualification Communicating and Guiding with deafblind people. Our trainees are committed to undertake this in the future. This is a QCF accredited course and a nationally recognised qualification.

We also run enhanced DBS checks on all of our Communicator Guides.

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