Communication Support Workers (Specialist Support Worker)

Communication Support Workers work alongside people who have a hearing loss.

Communication Support Worker fingerspellingCommunication support workers assist you by making spoken and written language accessible. We support people who are British Sign Language Users as well as people who are deafened and hard of hearing. Our service help people who are deaf keep in control of their day to day lives. We visit people in their home. Additionally we provide communication access for deaf people in the community. Deaf people can then choose which services they want to use. Moreover they have more choice as to when they can use it.

Deaf people use our service to take part in exercise classes. Other people use us to explain their letters and relay telephone conversations. We make all clubs, groups, activities and services accessible. In effect we provide that reasonable adjustment required for goods and services to be accessible to d/Deaf people. However we do it in a flexible person-centred manner.

One in six of the population has a hearing loss. Out of these approximately 70,000 people use British Sign Language. Using our service ensures you have access to information in a format that you prefer.

Communication Support Workers are trained professionals who are able to provide you with access to communication and information.

First and foremost our service is confidential. Secondly we will promote your right to have equal access to information and communication. You can make informed decisions about your life. Using our service you choose what groups and activities you join. You can be confident that your worker will make sure you are part of the conversation. No more isolation!

You will have a named Communication Support Worker who will plan with you a regular time for you to have support. Indigo Access are reliable and respond quickly to your call, texts and emails.


What qualifications do Communication Support Workers hold?

Our team of Communication Support Workers have British Sign Language qualifications ranging from Level 2 British Sign Language to Level 6 British Sign Language ( We will ensure that the right communication professional is matched with your language needs.

As well as holding relevant qualifications we undertake enhanced DBS checks with all of our Communication Support Workers.

Council funded or buying yourself?

Communication Support Workers are purchased via a direct payment, personal budget or commissioned service from the local authority. Your Council will assess you and decide if you can have support. You will have to contact your Council and ask for an assessment. If you have an assessment from the Council, they might want to also do a financial assessment with you. This is to see if you have money saved. If you have too much money the Council might suggest you pay for this service yourself. Indigo Access would suggest Communication Support Workers should be considered Auxiliary Aids under the Equality Act 2010, and therefore are exempt from being considered a chargeable service by the local authority.

Alternatively you may wish to privately purchase our services, by-passing the local authority. We provide our services on a two hour minimum booking basis.

You can contact us for a quote and see how a Communication Support Worker can improve your life!