Complaints about our service

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Complaints about our service

Indigo Access welcomes feedback from our customers. We know that at the heart of great customer service is being able to put right what we have got wrong. Receiving a complaint can help us improve our services. And we appreciate it can take a huge effort for people to complain.

But often people don’t know how or where to complain. This is how to do it! The aim is to help you know where to go. When we have let you down. This blog is about Indigo Access’s complaints procedure.

To make things simple we have a 3 stage process.

Stage 1 Complaints

You tell your worker that you are unhappy about an aspect of our service no later than one month from the date of the event.

The worker will try and put right what they can.

Stage 2 Complaints

The response from the worker in Stage 1 has not fixed anything and you are still unhappy. As such we will offer you support from the company so you can contact the Director of Indigo Access. You can put your complaint in writing, on DVD or alternatively made in person.

The Director will undertake an investigation. And completes this within 14 days of the initial dispute.

The Director will email you and let you know the progress of the investigation.

Reparations will be offered when your complaint is upheld. This could be by means of an apology or by providing a service that you should have had. In addition we will review our procedures to make sure this event won’t happen again.

Stage 3 Complaints

If we cannot resolve your complaint, Indigo Access will refer you to the Local Government Ombudsman.

As a result this will complete our process, and will occur within 28 days of the initial dispute.

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