Royal Berkshire Fire Service

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Fire service visitor badgeFree Home Fire Safety Check

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible for a free home fire safety check. An Officer from the Royal Berkshire Fire Service will visit you in your home. They will identify how to make you safe in your home and reduce the risk of fire.

Royal Berkshire Fire Service have recorded 0 accidental fire deaths this year. This is due to the work across their Prevention, Protection and Response departments.

Berkshire Fire Safety criteria
  1. Over 65 years of age
  2. Restricted mobility
  3. Impaired sight / hearing
  4. Drugs / alcohol dependency
  5. Mental health issues
  6. Learning disability
Sight and hearing loss

This is the reason why I went to the training day today. I wanted to know more about how we can make referrals to this service. Moreover I wanted to find out about what equipment the fire service provide. It turns out it depends upon which unitary authority you live in.

Everyone who has difficulty hearing or seeing (or hearing and seeing) across the county can request a Berkshire Fire Safety check. You can do it yourself online at Or by email at Alternatively you can phone on 0800 587 6679.

The fire service have specially trained crew to visit people with sensory needs. They will check your home for fire risks. They will also deliver information on kitchen and electrical safety. Additionally they will provide smoke alarms where necessary. Importantly for people with hearing loss, these will use a strobe light and vibrating pads. The Berkshire Fire Safety check can also provide a coloured cover for your smoke alarms, to improve contrast,. This can help people with a sight loss. They also give great advice on using bump-ons. As they help visually impaired people know when appliances are switched off.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a rented property or own your home. The Berkshire Fire Service safety check is for everyone who meets the criteria.

Don’t delay, contact them today!

Online: Email: Phone: 0800 587 6679

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