Surviving the holidays with a hearing loss

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Hearing loss and the holidays

With the holiday season in full swing it is often a difficult time for people with a hearing loss. Meals out in noisy restaurants, group conversations and the twinkly lights can make communication that little bit harder.

So what are our top tips for surviving the festive period?

If you have a hearing loss

Sit at the table where you can see most of the other guests. A round table is best. But if you are on a rectangular table try for the middle. And I don’t mean sitting in the middle of the table, that’s where the turkey should be.

Stand or sit with your back to the wall. Conversations and noise can’t escape as easily.

Wear your hearing aids and glasses. Remember to have spare batteries.

Move to where there is better light. The fairy lights might look nice but it creates shadows which can impact on how much you will be able to see!

Let people know. If you have a preferred side ask them to move to it. If you haven’t understood as them to repeat, rephrase or write it down.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. (Boo – hiss) I know, you might relax a little more, which can help with lipreading. Too much and your residual hearing can be affected. And it’s harder to make sense of conversations and fill in the gaps when your brain is a bit under the influence.

If you know someone with a hearing loss

No-one wants to be left out. So get the person’s attention. Give eye contact. Introduce the topic by saying “we are talking about this ….”

If they haven’t understood repeat, rephrase and write it down.

Don’t drink too much alcohol. (Boo – hiss again). Lipreading becomes more difficult if you are slurring your words.

Ask the person if there is anything you can do to make communication easier. Is the lighting too dim? Are you talking too quickly?

Be patient.

Wishing you all a happy holidays!

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We wish all of our customers and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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