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Work experience at Indigo Access

Hi I’m Anaisa Harney, I study at John Madejski Academy, and this is my account of the week’s work experience at Indigo Access.

Monday 9/7/18

First I observed a training session. This showed me how much work is required to train a worker through a small business. I was surprised at the amount of planning a preparation needed to make a training plan to teach the workers how to be a successful comm guide. I then went on a visit to a deaf client who needed help with understanding her post. This was the first time I had properly met a deaf person. I found it very interesting how the client could communicate using BSL so easily and understood the letters without being able to read them. Finally, I help do some finance. Doing this showed me that a small business requires many different roles that take a lot of time and expertise to complete.

Tuesday 10/7/18

First I observed and took part in a lip reading lesson. When I first turned up I thought that lip reading would be very easy to understand and that everyone can do it. I was surprised when the class started as I found it difficult understanding what was being said as the majority of the words looked very similar. Next I went as observed supported communication. I was very surprised at the different type of communication required from Monday as the client did not fully understand sign language. This showed me that not all deaf people are the same and that they all have different ways of communicating.

Wednesday 11/7/18

First I observed a meeting with Wokingham Borough Council. This was very interesting as it showed me all the different types of companies that help support a variety of people. Although the meeting was less interesting than the previous days it was very important. Next I done some admin work. This included shredding a load of documents. This was very important as it has to be done to get rid of any documents that have confidential information on.

Thursday 12/7/18

First I observed a deaf/ blind client being guided. This surprised me as I was not aware how much information the client needed to know whilst they were being guided. Although the client was deaf and blind they could still communicate by using special equipment. Having a comm guide allowed the client to go out and do what they wanted to do without any restrictions. From this I leant that that it is important that the client knows what type of surface they are walking on or if the type of surface is going to change. They also need to know what is approaching them e.g. a door or a slope.

I then completed more admin work as there was a lot to do.

Friday 13/7/18

First I observed a supervision session. This was to check in with a worker to see how their work has been going and to see if they had any problems. I then observed communication support. The client need assistance booking appointments over the phone as they have hearing difficulties. I was surprised when I met the client as it was not obvious that they were deaf as they could have a conversation with me. It was only noticeable when they were trying to understand what was being said on the phone.

In conclusion!

This week of work experience not only showed me the range of deaf/blind people and how they communicate but it showed me how a small business runs. It showed me all the small but important aspect of running a business such as training, supervision, meeting, finance, admin and then actually communicating with deaf/blind people. I was shocked by how much work is required to keep the business running successfully and safely.

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